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“Restoration” has become a very loose term in the automotive industry over the last 10-15 years. Television shows, social media, and the internet have highlighted products or methods that down-play the reality of what a restoration really entails. As a result, those considering having their vehicle restored underestimate the time and the true cost of the restoration process as well as the long-term effects of the methods and materials used. While a restoration may be your short-term goal, our long term goal is the preservation of your vehicle.

Many customers come into our shop looking for a “full restoration” only to find that their perception of a full restoration is one that is defined by a paint job and a new interior kit. To us, that is a partial restoration. We hope to not only help you more accurately estimate the cost of your restoration project, but to help you better understand the processes and methods used. We can then work with you to set up a budget plan that will be the first step in bringing your project back to life.

Our ultimate goal is to not only restore your vehicle to its original condition, but to build a lasting relationship based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.