Customer Showcase

This area is Customers Show Case & Awards. We don’t build cars to win Trophy’s but its nice to see are customers happy with their car’s we think you for taken the time to look thru Our site.




Portland Roadster show 2017

























AKA Battleship

Best in it class Portland roadster show 2017

2017 ISCA  award for Full Radical Hand built truck

Goodguys truck of the year

Street Truck magazine Feb 2018








best in its class Portland roadster show 2017








Best in Class Portland roadster show 2017

street trucks Feb 2018








DSC_1221This 1964 C10 we built Took at the Portland Roadster show

1st place at the Portland roadster show 2016 and 2017

ISCA Street Achivevement  Truck

Dave Kindig “One Bitchin Ride” Award

street trucks c10 builder guide  magazine 2017

Truckin magazine 2017

Fuel magazine 2017

Goodguys 2017








DSC_12441998 Ford 150

Took 1st place At the Portland Roadster Show

Street truck magazine may 2017

best in show and Audio @  Relaxin at the rock 2016








DSC_12232012 R/t

Took 2nd in it class  at the 60th Portland Roadster Show

best in its class Portland roadster show 2017

street trucks magazine March 2017

trucks plus magazine sept. 2017








DSC_12332011 Ram Dually


Took 1st Place in its Class at the 60th Portland Roadster show






DSC_12491977 trans

Took Class winner at the 60th Portland Roadster show

Good guys Award





DSC_12542015 ram Mega Cab that we had a great part in with Flippo Built Motorsports

Took 1st place at the 60th Portland Roadster show








best in its Class Portland roadster show 2015







Featured in Street Trucks

Best in its class Portland Roadster show 2015







Featured in Common Treads Magazine

Cover of  Common Treads Magazine

Best Girls Ride





IMG_1623Featured @ On the Ground Designs

Featured Street Trucks 2015

Best of Show 2015

Featured  Common Treads Magazine 2015

Awards For 2014

Best Paint

Best Truck

Top 20 at 5 different Shows






971625_712947705394104_1853254868_nFeatured @ On the Ground Designs

1st place Portland roadster show 2015

Awards for 2014

Best paint

Top 20






10289810_10152055670402204_4813882308284798933_nFeatured @ On the Ground Designs/ Cover Of Street Trucks

Awards for 2014

Best of Show

Best Interior

Best paint

SEMA Truck 2013

top 20 @ 8 different shows





579962_510161972354134_1443672476_nFeatured in Good Guys news


2013 & 14 best in its class @ Good Guys

Best Paint

Best Interior

Best of Show







DSCN0968Featured in Common Treads Magazine

Top 20








10531914a11370514355l Awards form 2010 to 2012

Best paint

Best Interior

Best of show

Best in its class

Best under 18





100_5260Awards 2010 to 2013

Best paint

Best of show

Best in its class







100_5401 (2) (800x600)Awards

Best Paint

Best Interior

Best of it class







248327_10151372908732204_1751816810_n (640x424)Awards 2013 & 14

Best paint

Best interior

Best of Show

Best Audio





SDC10597Best paint

Best interior








VID092Truck has been Featured in ad’s in for

Mini Truckin , Street Trucks, Trucks, more



Best paint

Best truck







10906115_10152532010242204_6692940799021632644_nFeatured in Street Trucks

Best under Construction
















1797971_10151914679207204_1548546159_nBest Audio

Best interior

top 20 4 different shows









VID090 (800x530)2nd in its class Portland roadster show












Best paint

Best truck

2nd place best Custom truck Sherwood

Best truck Good Guys (Texas)







Best in it class Sherwood










Sponsorships For the kids
















10846284_10152447488227204_1327257886129114161_n 10847800_10152447489302204_926903983246728571_n 10592822_544805205643037_3509141321749758015_n IMG_1333 IMG_1334 1234851_580196255371573_1403986813_n 1235405_10151555997982204_1671695769_n 1235881_10151555999482204_1098126976_n 1235925_10151555998102204_1653689722_n