Muscle Car’s



Picture                        Model/Make                                                        Description





248327_10151372908732204_1751816810_n (640x424)Britney’s 1966

Ford Mustang GT     Full Restoration                                             View Details




DSCN21691969 GTO

Judge                            Full Restoration                                             View Details





KODAK Digital Still Camera

1969 AMC Javelin

View Details







 1970 Chevy Nova

Rust Repair/rear end work/metal/ coil overs/Body work          View Details








Jeff’s 1965

GTO                            Metal work, rust repair, body work  and Custom  paint  View Details






DSC_0222 (800x530)David’s 1968

Camaro                              Body repair and Finish off Full restoration              View Details








Ford mustang        Metal repair ,body and paint            View Details





DSC_0190 (800x530)1970

Mach 1 Mustang                Rust repair/ Body and paint           View Details






DSC_0649 (800x530)Matt’s 1966

Ford Mustang              Body and Paint Rust repair                       View Details





VID090 (800x530) Scott’s 1964

Chevelle                      Full Restoration                                                  View Details  




DSC_0542 (800x530) Darrell’s 1979

Trans Am                         Full Restoration                                           Veiw Details





Dennis’s 1972                              Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                   View Details

Ford Mach 1 Mustang




Tom’s 1972                                  Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                   View Details 

Chevy Rs Camaro




Dustin’s 1972                               Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                   View Details

Chevelle ss




1967                                  Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                                                     View Details

Chevelle ss





Jeff’s 1968                                    Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint

Chevelle ss



John’s 1969                                  Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                      View Details

Nova  SS




Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                          View Details

1971  gto




1965                                           Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                         View Details

Fastback Mustang




1979                              Full Restoration, Rust repair ,Body and Paint                                                      View Details

Trans AM




Bill’s 1968                                           Body and Paint

Camaro SS




1969                                                     Rust repair ,Body and Paint

Ford  Mustang




David                                                    Rust repair ,Body and Paint

1968 Nova




Jeff’s 1971                                 Rust repair ,Body and Paint

Lemans  t-37





Melinda’s 1967             ,4 link,front end,4 wheel disc barkes,posi,wiring,gages more






 Jeff’s  1970                 Touch up paint, sway bars, wiring and detail

Chevy Camaro





DSC_0623 (800x530) Tiffany’s  1968

Camaro Z28                                      Full Restoration                                                                        View Details