Lonie (1 of 1)              Air Ride Suspension Carolina Kustoms  is the Northwest Leader in Air Ride Suspension.







100_2478 (800x600)  Metal Repair and Fabrication  Carolina Kustoms knowledgeable and experienced staff have proven their customization skills time and time again, customized sheet metal shaping and fabrication body construction.Firewalls ,Floorboards Transmission tunnels,Floor braces Production of other obsolete structural body parts Inner roof panels and inner wheelhouses and rockers








    Suspension & Brakes

IRS, IFS Front Suspension Custom Suspension Fabrication & Chassis Restoration   The chassis builders at Carolina Kustoms  offer a wide variety of experience that includes  the restoration of vintage chassis to factory original condition to complete chassis building and fabrication custom tailored to meet our clients needs. Ultra Custom Suspension Fabrications that include Four Link Suspensions, Triangulated Four Link Suspension, Independent Suspension, IRS Independent Rear Suspension, Back Half Suspension, and Air Ride Suspensions.








    Electrical & Wiring

We have extensive experience in auto electrical systems and components

Automotive Electrical 6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversions The restoration team at Carolina Kustoms     can replace your wiring harness with an original replacement harness, no matter the era of your automobile. Custom built harnesses produced and installed.







IMG_1237Component Installation

Car Audio, Car Cd Dvd Gps, Lambo Doors, Car Alarm systems, Car Audio, HID Headlights,  Car Audio Installation,

Vintage Air








20170206_171138Engine Rebuilding & Performance Upgrades

Portland Engine Rebuilders experts will restore your vintage engine to factory specs, or design  a custom engine package for your car. From power adders to engine compartment detail, stock or custom.








20170318_132511Body & Paint

One of the most essential steps in a car body repair and restoration is stripping away old products such as seam sealer, body filler and paint, along with rust.If these offenders are not removed they will most likely rear their ugly heads on an otherwise perfect vintage auto body restoration

. Existing paint is removed to expose bare steel. Even the factory lead is removed and replaced with new lead. We go this distance to ensure the best quality paint job for your automobile




     IMG_1235 Complete Upholstery Services










11040299-1958-1964-chevy-impala-air-level-2Parts & Supplies





Online Parts Sales








Frequently Asked Questions,  You are welcome call or email me your phone number and I will get right back to you as soon as I can. I cannot give restoration estimates by email as there are too many details to consider. Thank you, Carolina Kustoms

Because there are many unknown or unforeseen repairs on any restoration project; (for example hidden rust beneath another metal structure), it is not possible to accurately forecast the cost of restoring a vehicle. The true cost is only revealed during the rebuilding process. It is for this reason that all of our restorations are done on a time/materials basis. Each project will hold its share of unique repair challenges.

Although, a somewhat accurate estimate could be made if the vehicle was first fully disassembled; – stripped of all body parts, chrome, glass, suspension, interior, paints and undercoating, etc. etc., every piece inspected, and documented individually, for condition and originality in addition, after the removal of all paint coatings, old collision damage, body dents and body rust would need to be evaluated. Obviously this dis-assembly and analysis alone would not be an inexpensive venture–especially if the customer decides not to go forward with the project.

For the above reasons, initial cost estimates are simply a best guess proposition.

All restoration work is contracted on a Time & Materials basis. An advance deposit is required to start the project.

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