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Carolina Kustoms is a car lover’s dreamland. Welcome home.

We Build Dream Cars

There is always a story to be ask and a story to be told.
Lonnie the Owner and Founder of Carolina Kustoms LLC. Grew up in the Car world as we call it. As a kid Jonnie has always been fond of car’s but what do you expect when your grandfather was a car mechanic and your Uncle Owned a Body shop. At a young age lonnie was learning about cars. At the age of 12 h e would head over to his uncles shop to help out after school. As Jonnie got older he started working for different builders and different shops learning all he could After years of watching how people where restoring customers cars Jonnie couldn’t take it any more and Carolina Kustoms LLC was Born.

Lonnie Start Carolina Kustoms LLC in 2001 out of his 300sqft garage after everyone told him he was crazy but with his eye for detail it didn’t take long for the Carolina Kustoms name to grow. After no time at all the little home garage was just not cutting it anymore and he had to start thinking about what to do next.

Lonnie working with his 2 young boys and his crew of guys has Made Carolina Kustoms LLC one of the premier custom car shops in the Portland Area . Most of our customers are modern-day Renaissance men and women who are too busy working and parenting to spend months sculpting their David. So they commission us to nerd out with them and become their hands as they finally make their deepest daydreams of steel and horsepower come true.

But we Are also contacted by customers who have awards to win and see the value in hand-delivering their vehicles to us from all over North America, sometimes from as far away as the East Coast. But not everyone we meet wants to be in car shows. Some people just want a sweet new audio system or better suspension. Many of our favorite customers just come back for one service at a time, as they can afford it.

Whatever you want, let us at it Together, we’ve got this. We’re just living our dream at Carolina Kustoms: building dream cars.

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At Carolina Kustoms, we understand the difference between a car show competitor and someone who just wants a sweeter ride. We don’t oversell the latter, but we don’t compromise on the former. Whether you want a full restoration or just a new set of wheels, our goal is to make your car match your dreams of what it could be.

Maybe you’re about to get a compliment from a stranger every time you park somewhere. Maybe you’re about to get a prestigious award. Whatever you have in mind, we’re going to give you every reason we have to like working with us and to look forward to coming back.

Give us a call and tell us your car’s story. We’re looking forward to it.


Carolina Kustoms is family owned and operated 15,500 sqft shop that is located in Portland OR and has been developed to provide automotive enthusiasts locally and nationally a complete restoration service for their classic and Custom automobile . We have been building and restoring cars and trucks since 2001. Our shop technicians provide over 120 years of experience in the art of restoration.

Here at Carolina Kustoms we provide the customer with best quality workmanship and products available.

We don’t charge our customers those unbelievable prices that our competitors do, but simply try to make a living at something we love to do.

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